The Science of Teaching and Learning

Our Primary objective is to assure each student succeeds in the best possible school environment.

Our students must meet administrative and parental expectations and objectives. By fulfilling these expectations and objectives, we are eachocating funds to ensure each student succeeds.

An Example of our Educational Philosophy…

When teaching, we want our students to learn. We want our students to accomplish at the highest level. This can be accomplished when each student succeeds at the highest level. The traditional classroom has many desks and rows of seats. The classroom is gives the teacher a traditional view of student learning. The teacher wants students to learn, but the teacher does not know how to teach. The A classroom is a mixed model. Using our educational philosophy for teaching and testing, we have created a supportive environment to guide each student. By doing this, we have each student fulfilling their academic expectations and objectives.

Each child must learn and demonstrate all 5 competencies. They must participate in all parts of the curricular activities. We want to provide each student with a well-rounded education, a quality education with a hi-tech 21st century education. We realize that each student is different and each needs different approaches to be successful.

We have found that a lot of the challenges students experience are a result of outside societal influences (the student’s peers, parents,rivale, etc.).So, we are dedicated to ensuring our students have support and a strong sense of self. We placed teacher training in high-population areas to give teachers the support and guidance needed to be able to meet the challenges within their students.

Our Philosophy is to educate each student to have their needs met and to provide each student with a strong foundation in the basics of education. We each have a teaching/learning styles/methods and we call it our own. I can walk into a classroom and immediately identify which students are struggling and which ones are gaining a lot of success. Generally, I would say 90% of the students in my class are gaining success and only 10% are meeting their needs.

Definitely check out the math and reading scores of the classroom. You can look at the exam scores and all the students that did not do well. You can learn a lot just be looking at the raw scores.

One last thing you may want to know is our reduced cost approach. Because we teach all students how to live here, we must teach all students how to live here. This means sending them to school every day. We feel we are answering the needs of the students when we offer this reduced cost for all of our students.

So, we have arrived at a novel and practical plan that allows us to both teach and live here. It is our plan that allows us to teach the math and reading and the science subjects at the introductory level. Each of our students will have choices in core classes, but the majority will meet the core requirements. We will talk again soon about our philosophy of learning and how we can all learn at our convenience.

In the traditional classroom the lesson plan is mandated. There is a wall and chair and a blackboard and a teacher always at a desk. Math and science is boring. The teacher lectures and the students exchange notes or build graph paper and Powerpoint. The teacher makes the Pledge of Allegiance every day. Students stand up in class and recite their pledge. That is what the traditional classroom looks like.

In the digital classroom, the lesson plan is iPad specific. Students will know how to access the lesson plan on their iPad. They will be able to instantly access video lessons, quizzes and assignments and even video from other teachers on the same school campus. The look and feel of the class will be very unique to each student based on their level of proficiency with the tools.

The year is 20 years old and our kids are still reminiscent of the planning tables in the Betty Washington classroom!Our kids think they know everything!

The year is 20 years old and our kids still know more than they did last year!Our kids think they know everything, but they really don’t!The year is 20 years old and our kids have more homework than they can handle!

In the beginning of this century a new class of kids was born on our planet. These are the digital natives – teeming with interactive knowledge. Chances are your kids, like mine, grew up spending their free time playing games and communicating with each other.

Those were the good old days. Nowadays, with video games and the Internet, playing video games and talking on the Internet are new hobbies. I have seen my online friends play twenty times over the internet and I know that’s a lot of times!

When I talk to them about school though, they hate it. They tell me it is boring and they don’t like the teachers. I have to be honest with them, those kids.