Primary Elementary School

Our Primary curriculum is based on the individual curriculum packages that are needed for success. Students are given individualized instruction based on their needs.

Manus Education

Our community recognizes the importance of early learning. umerious Manus Secondary Schools have a strong commitment to keeping their students, teachers, parents and community involved and trained throughout the early childhood years. Every student has a right to an education. We recognize that each student is different and each has a right to a different specialized education program.

Early Childhood Diversity

Both elementary and secondary schools in the Manaus area have programs for the early childhood education. Manus Academy Early Childhood Program is a collaborative program with the Aeneute Elementary School, the ANC, Center for Learning and Development (CFAD) and the City of Manaus.

The Aeneute Elementary School offers a unique preschool program that allows for a very early introduction to the concepts of reading, writing and math. Children here begin to learn basics associated with Living Environment while their brains are developing. The acquired concepts are applied in the After School nurturing programs.

Manus Community College

The Manus Community College is a school offering alternative education in the auto industry for adults aged 21 and older. They offer a range of programs including men and women’s apprenticeships, intensive technicianship and experienced apprenticeship.

Private Education

The private education offered through the after school program is not only extensive, but is also very effective. Many of the students receive their primary education through the private philosophy or public primary schools around the community. Many of the adults have completed their primary education with the guidance of the CFADV program.

The Future Development of Students

In addition to the CFADV Summer School and the ongoing activities at the Aeneute Elementary School, the community also has developed a ADA (Certified Assistant for Learning Development) program to help students with learning and cognitive-skills challenges. The ADA certification is awarded by the American Dental Association to students who have completed the teenage years through the ages of 16. After 16 graduates, the career options are wide. Aeneute Elementary School students who enroll in the CFADV program will receive the equivalent of the ADA credential.

An Important Message for Parents

The Aeneute Elementary School PE teacher mentors student through the use of special learning classes called Enrichment Classes. These classes are intended to provide the student with the opportunity to increase his/her emotional, social and cognitive skills.

Aeneute Elementary School has the most complete program of its kind in the Central Oregon Virtual School District (OVSD) region. The OVSD has a total of 17 schools, located in and outside of Bendigo. In addition to the classes currently offered, the school plans to open a new school in the fall of 2007. The new school will be constructed on the same campus as the current Aeneute Elementary School with the addition of classrooms for fourth and fifth grade students.

Now that the Aeneute Elementary School has been named the State of Oregon’s Best School by the Oregon Education Excellence Award, the school is well on its way to becoming an amazing educational institution.