How to Become a Teacher

Our Philosophy

Manus Education is based on the philosophy that all students, regardless of their culture, behavioral struggles, or special needs have basic strengths. Students with learning difficulties have amazing potential to reach their full potential. Therefore, we encourage these students to maximize their potential through proactive engagement with their teachers and curriculum supervisors.

Our Staff

The staff at Manus Academy is committed to ensuring that each and every student becomes a well-rounded, confident individual and has a strong sense of self and personal responsibility. With a staff of 13 teachers and 3 support staff, we have the resources necessary to provide for each student’s academic success.

Our Philosophy Doesn’t Candidate Drug Abuse

Philosophies vary as to how teaching communities should structure themselves. What is most important is that our community is committed to working hand-in-hand with each individual to promote personal responsibility. Our philosophy is to understand that the drug abuse problem is a complex puzzle, but to rely on a punitive response alone will not solve the problem. A mix of treatment and education is required.

How to Become a Teacher

Teaching is a charismatic career path. Because of its passionate focus on helping students, utilizing TQM principles and using a collaborative educational process, teaching is a win-win strategy. Manus Academy recognizes that teaching is a profession that requires ongoing professional development. Our teachers must earn continuing education through ongoing courses that enhance their skills and knowledge in a wide range of educational fields.

Our Philosophy

Philosophies differ just as much as schools. What is important to us is that each student learns and develops the skills and habits needed for success. Students attending Manus Academy realize that form follows function; and that they must earn the right to participate in the process of leading and experiencing change. Students are actively engaged in the content process to ensure that it is each individual’s journey. Manus Academy courses are small enough to provide hands-on, sacks-takable experiences. For students on average grade levels, this provides for the opportunity to gain certification in practical procedures used by teachers in the Braille community.

Why Education is so Important

The main reason why we encourage people to pursue a degree from Manus Academy is the difference it makes in the lives of the students. In the classrooms of Manus Academy, educators address the needs of students individually. We recognize that each student has special interests and learning styles. Through small class sizes, choice of general education curriculum and highly qualified teaching faculty, we are able to identify the needs of each student and design a course of study that compliments that student’s specific interests and learning styles.

Technology is an Ever Changing Enemy

Technology is a multi-billion dollar industry that has become an all-popular tool for education. Administrators have realized that technology can provide a new educational perspective. However, it is also a digital turnstile that can be used to attack any educator or student depending on the platform the student uses to communicate. In an e-learning environment students learn to gather and collate data, analyze and interpret this data and act on their findings. Just like in the physical world, learning in the digital world happens at a pace that is personal to the student. This gives a student more time to understand the impact of their communication choices on the world around them.

The reality is that technology is a pervasive force in the world and it cannot be ignored. Technology is used for entertainment, for education, for entertainment and for the learning process itself. Due to the advantages of e-learning there will be a growing emphasis on longer form education and a focus on technologies preferred by both employers and students. Manage the turnstile at your site.